Welcome to JLS Financial!

JLS Financial Inc. is an expert lending institution that caters primarily to the direct sales industry.  We make financing products and services for large ticket retail items easy and affordable.  We work closely with our authorized partners and the consumer to ensure a healthy and promising business relationship.

We take pride in helping those that wish to build or rebuild their credit for the first time  What's our motivation?  It is very simple.  We understand that just because you have no credit, it doesn't mean you nexessarily have bad credit.  Our prequalification guidelines allow us to give those applicants a first chance in the world of personal credit.  We're willing to give chances and take chances.  That's what has made us successful.  When was the last time someone has given you a fair chance?

At JLS Financial, we will work very close with you and your personal needs.  We want you to succeed.  We want you to be happy with us and with your purchase.  Welcome to JLS Financial...

Funding Happiness.  One loan at a time.